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Terms of Service

Highlighted Points
  • Use of our Service is at your sole risk!
  • Our Service acts as a VENUE and we're not involved in any transaction!
  • We do not and cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of ANY seller, buyer, or goods/service!
  • Be wise against scams and fraud - if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!
  • Always check the URL destination of any links before visiting them!
  • Buyers must always check all details prior to purchase!
  • Sellers must not be dishonest or misleading!
Definitions and General Terms
Our terms of service as well as our privacy & cookies policy incorporate the ""Terms"" of our Services.
Our "Terms" apply to the Aero Parts website (https://aero.parts/) and related services. "Services" refer to the Aero Parts website and related services. "We", "Us", and "Our" also refers to the Aero Parts website and related services, including our parent company, affiliates and subsidiaries, and our and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, subsidiaries and joint ventures. By using Our website or services you consent to the "Terms".
The tool you are using now is a product/service search and advertising web-application developed to assist other companies in presenting their goods and services, and this website and service is property of Aero Parts presented to you seemlessly through javascript and iframe HTML technology. This tool may be customised and presented to appear as though it is part of another website to enhance your experience.
The material that appears in on Our Services is for informational purposes only. Despite Our efforts to provide useful and accurate information, errors may appear from time to time. Before purchasing goods or services you've read about listed on our Services, you should confirm with the seller any information that is important to your purchasing decision. This information includes, but is not limited to, the price, condition, history, and other specifications of any asset, product or service advertised for sale or for lease on our Services. We are not responsible for, and do not guarantee the performance of, any such goods or services.
Disclaimers; Limitations on liability
We try to keep the Services safe, secure and functioning properly, but We do not guarantee the continuous operation of or access to Our Services. You agree that you are making use of the Services at your own risk, and that the Services are provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. Accordingly, We expressly disclaim all explicit or implied warranties of any kind, including, but not limited to, any warranty of non-infringement or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any other warranty, condition, guarantee or representation, whether oral, in writing or electronic form, including but not limited to reliability or title. We expressly disclaim any representations, warranties, and / or liability for any referrals, recommendations or related services offered through the Services, or any goods or service acquired or sold on the Services, including but not limited to any explicitly defined or implied reliability of 'verified' or 'premium' members/users/companies listing on our Services. Any transaction undertaken on or through the Services shall be at the sole risk of seller and purchaser.
In no event will We be liable to you or any third parties for costs of procurement of substitute products or services, lost profits, lost opportunity costs, lost information or data, or any direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages however caused and on any theory of liability arising out of your access to or inability to access the Services, including for viruses alleged to have been obtained from the Services, or your use of or reliance on the Services or any of the information or materials available on the Services, regardless of the type of claim or the nature of the cause of action. This limitation shall apply even if We have been advised of the possibility of such damages and notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited warranty. We do not represent or warrant that the Services or your use of the Services shall be uninterrupted or without delays or disruptions, shall operate without failures, errors or omissions or loss of transmitted information or without glitches, bugs, errors, or inaccuracies of any kind, or shall not damage your hardware device. We do not represent or warrant that you may need to modify practices, content, or behaviour or may lose your ability to do business, as a result of changes to our policies/terms.
Some jurisdictions do not allow the disclaimer of warranties or exclusion of damages, so such disclaimers and exclusions may not apply to you. You may also have other rights which vary from place to place. In addition, to the extent permitted by applicable law, We are not liable, and you agree not to hold Us responsible, for any damages or losses (including, but not limited to, loss of money, goodwill or reputation, profits, or other intangible losses or any special, indirect, or consequential damages) resulting from use of the Services.
Regardless of the previous paragraphs, if We are found to be liable, our liability to you or to any third party is limited to the amount paid by you directly to Aero Parts for the use of Services for the month prior to the action giving rise to the liability.
User Disputes
If you have a dispute with one or more of the users of Services for any reason, including fraud, you release Us from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.
You will indemnify and hold Us harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable legal fees, made by you or any third party due to or arising out of your breach of these "Terms", your improper use of the Services or your breach of any law or the rights of a third party.
Use of the Services
You may use or download material displayed on the Services for non-commercial, personal use only. We reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, and cancel orders if we believe that your conduct violates these Terms. You agree not to disrupt, modify, or interfere with the Services in any way, and you agree not to impede or interfere with others’ use of the Services. You agree not to use any of the content of the Services in a manner to suggest any association with Aero Parts. You agree not to post any content or message that threatens, harasses, defames or in any way abuses others. You agree not to post or distribute any vulgar messages or obscene material. You further agree not to alter or tamper with any information or materials on, or associated with, the Services.
Our trademarks, service marks, designs, and logos (collectively, the "Trademarks") displayed in the Services are the registered and unregistered Trademarks of Aero Parts. Use of the Trademarks displayed on Services, except as provided in these Terms, is strictly prohibited.
Material on the Services is for your personal use only. The Services contain copyrighted and other proprietary information. You agree that you will not in any way make commercial or other unauthorized use, by publication, re-transmission, distribution, performance, caching or otherwise, of material obtained through the Service, except as permitted by the Copyright Act or other law. All content on the Site, including text, pictures, graphics, logos, button icons, and images, and the selection and arrangement of such content is the exclusive property of Aero Parts or its licensors and is protected by international copyright laws. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.
Links to Other Sites
For your convenience, Our Services make available a variety of links to websites not related to Our Services. We are not responsible and nor do we guarantee the content, quality, reliability, performance or safety of the destination of such links which are typically provided by the seller / advertiser. We do not endorse nor are We responsible for the information, products or services referenced by or linked to from our Services. We endeavour to provide symbols and labels to signify these links, but do not guarantee the existence of these symbols and labels in all instances. It is your responsibility to ensure the destination (URL) of any links on our website which may or may not be altered on our server or directly on your device through means beyond our control.
Listing Performance
We do not guarantee the performance of any ad in terms of ad impressions, views, leads, click through rates or any other measure. By using the Our Services, you are acknowledging that We can make no such guarantees regarding ad performance.
Renewal, Cancellation and Withdrawal
We reserve the right to renew, cancel, or withdraw any listing on Our Services at any time and without any notice. Your listings can be withdrawn from the Services by you at any time. Once withdrawn, the listing will no longer appear on the Services. In the event that you have paid to include a listing on Our Services then We shall not be required to provide a refund for the unused portion of any agreed period. By using Our Services you accept the above policies on renewal, cancellation and withdrawal and agree to Us sending you emails notifying you of any such changes.
Our Role; Fraud & Spam Warning
Our Services act only as a venue and we are not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers. As a result, we have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items advertised, the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of sellers to sell items or the ability of buyers to buy items. We cannot and do not control whether or not sellers will complete the sale of items they offer. We cannot and do not control whether or not buyers will complete the purchase of items. In addition, note that there are risks of dealing with people acting under false pretence. For legal reasons, we cannot nor do we try to control the information provided by other users which is made available through our Services. We expect that you will use caution and common sense when using Our Services.
We go to great lengths to prevent use of Our Services for fraud. You, as a user of web based services (especially a market based service such as ours) should always take great care when entering into any transaction. By using Our Services you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to properly protect yourself from fraud and you agree that We have no liability for fraudulent activity perpetrated through Our Services.
We also go to great lengths to attempt to filter out SPAM and inappropriate content from leads submitted by website visitors to advertisers, but We cannot guarantee that advertisers will not receive leads containing SPAM or inappropriate content. You agree to i) not hold Us responsible for any SPAM you receive as a result of your advertising on Our Services and ii) not use any part of Our Services to perform activities that could be reasonably interpreted as SPAM.
We reserve the right to block you (by using your IP or other data gathered by Us, as outlined in Our "Terms" [under our Privacy and Cookies Policy]), from accessing or utilising Our Services should we believe you to be involved in SPAM, Fraud or other unacceptable behaviour, including any breach of our "Terms", as well as reserving the right to remove any listings We suspect you have created or attempt to create on Our Services. We reserve the right to make our own judgment on what is deemed acceptable or unacceptable at our sole discretion.
Listing Content
By submitting a listing to Our Services, you agree that:
  • We may choose to filter your listing, which may delay it appearing on the Services;
  • You wish to have the listing published on Our Services until removed by you or Us, or at the end of any time period previously agreed upon between you and Us;
  • You are responsible for the accuracy and content of the listing;
  • You have the rights to use the material you provided to Us or authorized Us to use to create any listing, including images, text content, logos, tag lines, slogans, etc.;
  • You have the right to sell any property or service represented by the listing either as the owner or as an authorized seller representative of the owner;
  • You agree not to include any inappropriate content, including but not limited to offensive content or content of a sexual nature;
  • You intend to sell or lease any goods/services, as portrayed in your listing, and that you intend to proceed in an honest and legal transaction;
  • You agree to represent any goods/services you advertise on Our Services accurately and honestly and without using any misleading information;
  • You shall not use Our Services as any part of an attempt to perpetrate dishonest or fraudulent transactions;
  • You shall not use Our Services to manipulate market prices, or affect the listings of other users in any way.
Our Rights with regards to Listing Services
By submitting a listing to Our Services, you acknowledge and agree that We may reserve the right to, at Our own discretion and without prior notice and without refund:
  • Reject any listing copy or content;
  • Edit, reclassify, revise or cancel any listing at any time;
  • Remove any listing or incorrect information contained within listings in the event of a dispute between sellers and/or parties claiming to be authorized seller representatives;
  • Remove listings that are not clearly identified, in order to avoid duplication of content;
  • Deny access and service to you if We feel, using reasonable judgment, that you have violated the spirit of our "Terms".
Content use by Us
You may request that we delete your information and listings, and at such time we will remove it from our system as much as reasonably possible. We're not trying to steal any works or content! We're trying to work without fear of lawsuits!
We repost your listings to multiple sites, often automatically. Therefore, when providing Us with content (including, but not restricted to, images and text content) or posting such content using Our Services, you grant Us unrestricted, non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) right to use, modify, perform, display, broadcast, reproduce, create derivative works from, transmit, sell or otherwise use, at no cost whatsoever, all such material (including, without limitation, all intellectual property rights embodied therein), in whole or in part, in any manner or medium (whether now known or hereafter developed), for any purpose. The foregoing license includes the right to use any proprietary rights in such material, including, but not limited to, rights under copyright, trademark, or patent laws that exist in any applicable jurisdiction. Further, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, you waive your moral rights and promise not to assert such rights or any other intellectual property or publicity rights against us, our sub licensees, or our assignees.
You will receive no compensation of any kind for use by Our Services as outlined above. Some examples of the way We may use such content include, but are not limited to, inclusion in other services offered by Aero Parts Australia and subsidiaries/parent companies (Helicopter Parts UK, AeroParts, or Sidusoft [Parent]).
Notice of Copyright Infringement
If you are an owner of intellectual property who believes your intellectual property has been improperly posted or distributed on Our Services, please notify us by sending an email to admin@aero.parts.
Governing Law; Jurisdiction
You agree that our "Terms", for all domestic and international purposes, and its construction, validity, performance and all other questions arising hereunder, be governed, interpreted, construed and enforced solely and exclusively in accordance with the laws of the State of NSW, without regard to its conflicts of law provisions. You expressly agree that the exclusive jurisdiction for any claim or action arising out of or relating to these "Terms" or your use of Our Services will be filed only in the state or federal courts located in NSW, and you further agree and submit to the exercise of personal jurisdiction of these courts for the purpose of litigating any such claim or action. Accessing Our Services from any jurisdiction where access or use is illegal is strictly prohibited.
Changes to this Statement
We reserve the right to change any of the terms and conditions contained in our "Terms", or any policies or guidelines governing the Services, at any time and at our sole discretion. Any changes will be effective upon posting of the revisions to the "Terms", and may be posted without notice to you. By continuing to use the Services you agree to be bound by these "Terms", as modified.
Legal Disclaimer
All trademarks, company names, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. These trademarks, names, logos, and brands are used solely for identification purposes and does not imply any co-operation or endorsement.
The design, text, graphics, including the selection and arrangement thereof, and all software used in connection with this website are copyright © Aero.Parts, all rights reserved. Permission is granted to electronically copy and print portions of this website for noncommercial, personal use only. If you download any material, you agree to retain all copyright and other proprietary notices displayed on the materials. You agree to not distribute, modify, transmit, post, or otherwise use the content of the website for public or commercial purposes without our written permission.
If you have any questions or comments about Our privacy practices, please feel free to contact us at admin@aero.parts.
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