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Boeing Aircraft For Sale

05 Feb 2020

Boeing Aircraft JT8D-219 engines for sale!!

We currently have another 5 each of the JT8D-219 engines that available for sales. LLPs & Pricing available upon request. Engine 1 & Engine 5 are ready to go and Engine 2, Engine 3 and Engine 4 come with lead time. Details for Engine 2,3 and 4 - Fresh SV Dual Release Tag (FAA 8130-3/ EASA F1) with zero (0Hours) SLSV, Fresh Test Cell with FAA 8130-3, FAA form 337 / With AD's & SB's status, Full Back To Birth Trace on all LLP’S, No QEC for Engine 1,2,3 and 4, Engine shipping stands included for all, Engine Location Origin USA, EGT Margin: around 8’, Other details for Engine 5, 8130-3 Apr 2017, Full QEC, EGT Margin: 13’. Please let me know if you are interested in this unit. Thanks,
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Seller: Telly LaRosa
Spain Region: Europe
Category: Boeing