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29 Dec 2022

Unlisted / Other Aircraft Pair of 8.50-10 Alaska Bush Wheels

00.jpg-Pair of 8.50-10 Alaska Bush Wheels01.jpg-Pair of 8.50-10 Alaska Bush Wheels08.jpg-Pair of 8.50-10 Alaska Bush Wheels10.jpg-Pair of 8.50-10 Alaska Bush Wheels
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6-10-8 GAR AERO 6-bolt Alaska Bush Wheel with brake disks, tires, and tubes.
Tires are 8.50-10 Air Trac's. Tires are evenly worn with at least 50% tread depth.
As removed from Cessna 185.
Price: $3200.
Shipping: Contact me for shipping as it will require freight shipping.
Seller: Joseph Humphrey
United States Region: North America
Category: Unlisted / Other
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