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For Sale 08 Dec 2018JetRanger Isolation Mount
206 Jet Ranger Pylon Isolation Mount 206-030-539-101, overhauled, EASA Form 1. $5k USD outright or $3k exchange
Seller: Prime Aerospace Australia
Australia Region: Oceania
For Sale 12 Nov 2018Tail Rotor Blades
2 new old stock surplus Tail rotor blades 0 since new part number 204 011 702 121 with Bell hard cards for Bell 204B these are also an alternate part number for UH-1H
Seller: Helicopter Structures
United States Region: North America
Category: Bell Helicopter
For Sale 07 Sep 2018Bell 206b
I have acquired this bell helicopter, taken a partial payment for a job and really dont know much about it..I know is was donated and used a show piece for children. Looks to be gutted of everything inside except gauges but have been told the tailpiece and blades hold value..this was it before it was taken apart to trailer home. If anyone is interested in parts or just educating me of what I have to sell here.
Seller: Matt
United States Region: North America
Category: Bell Helicopter
At Veritable Aviation, we strive to be the industry leading electronic components distributor by quickly and reliably supplying high-quality electronic components.
Seller: Veritable Aviation
United States Region: North America
For Sale 16 Aug 2018206BIII and 206L Series
Matched set 206L series skid tubes 206-053-118-105,,206-053-106 in like new condition with Form 8130-3. 206BIII LH skid tube new old stock 206-050-053S with form 8130-3,,,206BIII RH Horizontal Stabilizer 206-020-123-012 used with form 8130-3
Seller: Helicopter Structures
United States Region: North America
Category: Bell Helicopter
For Sale 14 Jun 2018Light Weight POP OUT FLOATS
Jetranger Lightweight Pop-Out Floats Complete set of AAI emergency light weight pop-out float kit. Like new condition. Hydro inspection has been done. The Lightweight Pop-Out Emergency Float Kits includes, Float Bags, Composite Cylinder and complete electrical for installation. An electrical solenoid valve is provided rather than an explosive squib to reduce downtime and maintenance cost. Also, includes hardware, decals
Seller: KHL
United States Region: North America
Category: Bell Helicopter
If you can supply those spare parts, please feel free to contact me: vivian@hy-aviation.com. Thanks!
No.DescriptionPart NumberQtyUom1O-RINGBT6-2 20 EA2PIN,COTTER NOR494-1E5-8100 EA3STUD,TURNLOCK FASTENER 50-005W1150 EA4SCREW,SKT HD CAP NK525-10R950 EA5PIN,SPRINGMS171555 50 EA6LINK ASSY,PITCH CONTROL 109-0130-05-1171 EA7RING,RETAININGAW001FB6S50 EA8STUD ASSEMBLY,TURNLOCK AW002FB07P50 EA9STUD ASSEMBLY,TURNLOCKAW002FB06P50 EA10WASHER,KEYAW002FB-AW 50 EA11Cotter pinMS24665-287 100 EA12Cotter pinMS24665-90 100 EA13Filter Element 109-0401-19-1075 EA14Restraint cableNAS313C20-0081 2 EA15SWITCH,PRESSURE 109-0512-67-1071 EA16BOLTAN4CH5A20 EA17BELT109-0507-20-1013 EA18PACKINGAS3209-129 or M83248/1-129 5 EA19STOP109-0112-28-101 2 EA20Guad109-0362-48-1021 EA21Locking plate109-0361-72-1193 EA22Fixed bracket3G1005G00732 1 EA23pedal109-0301-24-2021 EA
Seller: vivian
Hong Kong Region: Asia
Category: Leonardo (Agusta)
For Sale 02 May 20185007554-2 WHEEL ASSEMBLY
In NEW condition with 8130-3. Located in the UK. Our price $16,950 + delivery.
Seller: Apple International Inc Ltd
United Kingdom Region: Europe
For Sale 30 Apr 2018Bell 412 or 212 Support Assy
SUPPORT ASSY for sale, P/N 212-001-162-017.
New condition, 8130-3, looking for quick sale.
Seller: Apple International Inc Ltd
United Kingdom Region: Europe
Category: Bell Helicopter
Please keep me in mind when you have any electronic component part requirements ( spare parts RFQ'S )
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at the following websites :
Seller: Richard Maxwell
United States Region: North America
Category: Unlisted / Other
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